vendredi 13 avril 2007

When I watch this program, I learn to be more kind with my mother. Now, I try to have a best relationship with her as if she would be a good friend, a person who I can tell my problems to and with who I can good time while we are together. I recommend this TV program for the girl students and not for the boys, because it’s certainly a classic girl emission. If the boys listen to it, they would be bored with the love tribulation of Rory and Lorelai. This TV program is all about a love history with of between a girl and her mother; it’s not very interesting for the boys in general.

lundi 2 avril 2007

One tree hill

With this show, I learned that for some people life is not alway easy and they have to find a way to get over their problems. I would recommend this program to other students because it shows us the life of other teenagers and sometimes we can recognize ourselves in these people and it might help us to find solutions to our problems and see how other people react. We can see the relationships that are developing between the characters and sometimes it can surprise us. Also, that show is really entertaining and there is always a good story in each episode.

vendredi 23 mars 2007

In the ninth episode, my mother Lorelai persuaded me to go the Chilton ball which was my first ball. My mother has made me a beautiful dress for this special occasion. For this ball, I was very nervous to ask Dean to come with me. The night of the ball, my mother’s back was stuck and she was convicted to stay with her mother. During the ball, Tristian, a jealous student, tried to provoke Dean, but we found refuge in the dance class of Miss Patty. After speaking for a long time, we sent to slept together. We woke up the day after morning. During the night, my grand-mother and my mother were worrying for me and they squabbled to know who between them who were the worst mother. When I returned at home, my mother was angry against me.

One Tree Hill

The character I chose is Brooke.

Tonight is prom night and I have a black eye and my boyfriend dumped me. Peyton, who used to be my best friend, has my dress. When I went to see her to get it back, we got into a fight and she told me that the reason why she doesn’t care anymore is because I wasn’t there for her the past year when it was one of the worst years of her life. Finally, Peyton gave me my dress back and I decided to invite my best friend Mouth to go to the prom with me and he said yes. When we arrived at the prom, I looked at my dress and I saw the word "whore" on it but that didn’t matter because for me, it meant that Peyton still cared about me.

vendredi 2 mars 2007

One Tree Hill

In this episode of One Tree Hill, it was prom night. The day started very bad because in the last episode there was a party and all the people who were there saw a tape where Nathan and Brooke had sex but it was two years ago. When they slept together, Peyton and Nathan were dating and Brooke was Peyton's best friend. So Peyton punched Brooke in front of everybody. This tape freaked out Haley who is Nathan's wife because the only guy she ever slept with is Nathan and he slept with a lot of girls before Haley. In the end, almost everything was correct and they were ready to go to the prom dance but then a guy, who had said he was the brother of Peyton in an earlier episode but he was only a psychotic obsessed by her, came back and punched her and it ended that way.

vendredi 9 février 2007

One Tree Hill

The TV program I chose is One Tree Hill. I chose this show because I have watched it since it started and now it’s the 4th season and I think it’s a really great show. I like this TV show beacause there’s always a great story with a good ending in each episode and also it shows us the life of other teenagers of our age. Their life is not always easy and sometimes they have serious problems and I found it easy to recognize ourselves in these characters. The story takes place in the city of Tree Hill and it starts when Dan Scott and Karen Roe have a son named Lucas Scott and Dan decides to leave them. He married Deb Scott and had Nathan Scott. When they got older they learned that they were brother and then they became enemies but later on they became really close. Nathan married Haley who is Lucas’ best friend and Haley is pregnant. Brooke, Lucas and Peyton made a love triangle.

Gilmore Girls

The TV Program that I chose, it's Gilmore Girls. I chose that one, because this program is for me an emission very entertaining. This allow me to take a break with the daily stress that student life bring us. That is a program where I can really laugh and have so much fun. I don't hope to learn something when listening to this emission, I watch it to have a great time.

The story turn around a relation between a mother and her girl who have 16 years difference together. Lorelai is the mother in the story. She is my favorite character in this program. I find her so funny. I find that if all the people were like her, our life were better. Lorelai had educated her girl all alone and she has a very good relation with her girl, but they have ups and downs like in all normal relations. She has a difficult relation with her parents whom are rich, because she has not the same value that them. Lorelai has her own inn with her best friend Sukki, who is the cook. Rory is Lorelai's girl. She is the perfect girl. She has good marks and she is a quiet girl. Rory's dream is that she will go to Harvard school to become a journalist, but this time she is in year off, because she need time to reflect her future. With the problems of a student life there are much things to fill a program.